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This blog is meant to be an open forum for discussions of critical issues; not just a platform for our writers (well, one of our writers) to mouth off about shit.

We do have moderation powers, so there may be some delay from the moment you click “submit” to the moment we click “approve.” But as you can see, we pretty much post any old non-spam comment. (Just keep in mind, lameness is subject to ridicule, and ill-written attitudinizing will be relentlessly scrutinized.)

The only thing we’d really censor is anything that could be construed as discriminatory, unacceptably mean-spirited, or especially heinous.

Conversation is the heartbeat of the world. You keep it pumpin’, and we’ll keep it flowin’.



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  2. Hey,
    I read the response to that prick who wrote you. Just wanted to say that I really appreciate your comedic blunt and real reviews. I’m glad it’s not about me…but I do want to learn about work from a place that I feel like is ‘telling it how it is’.
    Thanks for that!

  3. Thanks for the support, Sarge. If there’s anyone out there who knows how to dish it, it’s you hot ass!

  4. Love the blog. I think the blog format is a rather more preferable forum for arts criticism than the traditional newspaper article. Maybe more than in any other aspect of newspaper reporting, I think the one-sided nature of newspaper arts criticism articles can be very damaging. Sure, the disgruntled reader can write a letter to the editor that will maybe get published, but beyond that the critic really has the first and the last word. With irresponsible critics like B.Ho, this can be disastrous.

    Keep up the good work, I’ll be reading with interest.

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