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My Fellow Americans:

I have come to learn that New York City Opera has chosen former director of the Miller Theater, George Steel, to assume the role of General Manager and Artistic Director for the company.

While I am disappointed in the outcome, I am not devastated. I have already regrouped with friends, loved ones, supporters, and those advisors and campaign staff who have worked so diligently to help usher in an unprecedented culture of new opera in New York City: We do not intend to let this unfortunate news impede our path to creating a new paradigm for opera.

Nevertheless, after weeks of furious campaigning, my bid to become the director of the New York City Opera has come to an end.

Many of you may feel confused. Many of you may be wondering what happens now. Many of you may be crying.

Let me assure all of you that our efforts have not been in vain.

Before continuing, let me say that my goal has always been to see New York City Opera thrive and succeed. To my challenger and respected victor, George Steel, I wish you all the best (and sorry about confusing you with the professional wrestler), and I truly hope you lead New York City Opera into the future with gusto, while taking risks, promoting new opera works and fresh talent, and presenting a broad range of repertoire for a wide variety of opera lovers.

I offer you my ear, and my shoulder, should you ever need advice or confidence, or if you need ideas for developing the future of opera creatively and responsibly. I am here for you.

But to my supporters; to my fans; to my people; to those who have believed in me from the beginning, and to those who have been won over to the cause along the way; let me say this to all of you: Our time may have not come this day, but our time will come one day!

Even today, my campaign is organizing a force of directors, producers and creative artists who share my vision to stimulate a culture of new opera in New York City. Our cause is worthy. Our cause is just. And there is too much support and fearless passion behind us to set aside our dreams because one organization wouldn’t open its eyes, mind, and heart to our vision.

Our vision is a most rare vision. And we will make sure, with hard work and a little hustle, that it becomes more than a dream.

God bless the City of New York. And god bless opera.




  1. Submitted on 2009/01/04 at 3:26am

    I only know a few names on your shortlist, but the ones I recognize will make a good team. I’ve had extensive conversations with Michael Hart about your campaign, and I fully support it. I wish there was something like City Opera in SF. Keep it up! You will prevail.

    Ben Sisson –

  2. Comment by felix on January 5, 2009 5:49 am

    In reading this : “As an advocate and creator of opera, and as a concerned New Yorker who sees one of his city’s major opera institutions facing peril, I have stepped forward to offer myself as a solution and a hope to New York City Opera….” I’m left seeking to find out a basic bio or resume of experience giving me, an outsider, a way to know right off the bat what credentials you hold to keep this office. I’m thrilled by the progress and am inspired by the groundswell. Please keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Felix.
    Here’s my cred:

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