TO DO: Six Days of Sodomy

Holy shit. Over the next 6 days, NYC will be experiencing a non-stop barrage of queer performance. Trust me, this shit isn’t for the faint-of-heart, or crossed-of-leg.

First up, TONIGHT, Earl Dax is throwing down another edition of the infamous PussyFaggot party at the Delancey, this time hosted by queer vet Penny Arcade and Sophia Lamar. The lineup is fudge-packed, and teaming to the gills with queer NYC nightcrawlers, including Kenny Melman, Jeremy Wade (on loan from Berlin), and Glen Marla. Not to be missed is a special screening of artist Ryan Trecartin‘s “P.opular”.

Friday night, queer qrooner Nick Hallett curates Rhizome’s “New Silent” at the New Museum (which seems to be getting queerer the closer we get to nation-wide marriage equality) featuring Big Art Group and Cinemafury. Expect balloons.

New avenues into cabaret are in the air. On Saturday, you can swing by MonkeyTown for one of the last times EVER, where Nick Hallett (“Yay!”) is hosting Chateau de Chic, a “multi-media cabaret” with Katie Eastburn, Shana Moulton, Nicklcat, LSD and Ben Coonley.

Then Sunday, art colab. Magnetic Laboratorium brings us another installment of Magnetic Cabaret at Bubble Lounge. Masterminded by Marisela La Grave and hosted by Shasta (aka, Glen Rumsey), whose days dragging it up at Baracuda are legendary.

Monday, Penny Arcade revives to host a launch and “gala” for her book “Bad Reputation” at (Le) Poisson Rouge, with special guest including Deborah fucking Harry, among others. Rumor also has it that queer diva and guiding light Sarah Schulman may make an appearance.

And Tuesday–deep breath–fucking M. Lamar is throwing down a party for the release of his new album “Souls on Lockdown”. Guests include fucking Justin Bond, and fucking Novice Theory. If you haven’t heard “White Pussy,” you have no idea what it is like to live in the 21st century.

Christ. If you can fit all of that into your schedule, you’re even more flexible than I…


SHAMELESS HOLIDAY SELF-PROMOTION: But what’s new around here?

Mx. Justin Bond and the Pixie Harlots, photo by Michael Hart

Sorry that the C.C. vibe has atrophied in recent to a mere drizzle of self-promotion. But I HAVE to! “It’s in my nature.” So without further apology…

First: I’ve had the immense honor (and enormous pleasure) to assemble the opening musical medley for the illustrious, lustrous, and lustful Justin Bond’s “Christmas Spells” opening tomorrow (Wed, Dec 9) at Abrons Arts Center. The show runs through Satruday and features Mx. Bond and the Pixie Harlots in a transtastic rendition of Kate Bornstein’s “Dixie Belle.” Get your tix, go,  and let the pixie dust and ferocious glam cast an Xmas spell that no stupid awful ignorant relatives will be able to undo.

Last: On Thursday, Dec 10 (I know it’s overlapping, but you’ll just have to adjust your schedules, darlings), I will be participating in a short improvisatory performance during a concert at the Mannes College of Music. The recital is the culmination of a classical improvisation class taught by composer Noam Sivan. It’s free and should be lots of fun. It’s fairly unorthodox for a conservatory to push improvisation (I don’t think Mannes offered the class when I was there). So come out and support what amounts to exercising physiological freedom within one of the most physically strict traditions of artmaking.

That’s all, I think. For now, at least. One never knows…



I almost forgot! There’s also a hot new exhibition of photography–“In Conversation: MTA and DNA”–by Mathew Pokiok at Dance New Amsterdam, with an opening reception Thursday evening at 7pm (OMG, triple overlap!!!). The exhibition is of photographs from Mount Tremper Arts‘ most recent summer season, which included a little show called SCARLET FEVER (which you may have heard of). The exhibition opening will be followed by the opening of Aynsley Vandenbroucke Movement Group’s “A Number of Small Black and White Dances” (runs Dec. 10-12). Xmas just came early!

TO DO: Mt. Tremper Arts NYC Benefit Party


(Elke Rindfleisch and Sarah Webber Gallo above)

Mt. Tremper ArtsNYC Benefit Party

Monday, April 27

Books in DUMBO
37 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY
(more details below)

Come out and support this amazing festival, founded by Aynsley Vandenbroucke and Mathew Pokoik. Arts, across the board, are in dire need of direct funding right now. If you can pony up for a ticket to the benefit, please do, and know that, in addition to seeing some fab performances by the likes of Brian Brooks, Mark Jarecke, Catherine Miller, Elke Rindfleisch, and Ms. Vandenbroucke herself, you will be helping make possible a sincere, fiercely curated festival of dance, visual arts, and….what’s that you say?….Opera?

That’s right. Mt. Tremper Arts has asked my little opera ensemble that could–Collective Opera Company (or, COC, if you’re nasty)–to create a brand spankin’ new opera , from scratch! (Save the date — August 21, 22 — if you’d care to see C.C. put his music where his mouth has been…)

If you can’t make the benefit, but still would like to help this young festival thrive for another year, I encourage you to send in donations of any size to:
Mount Tremper Arts
PO Box 88
Mt. Tremper, NY 12457
(Checks should be made out to Mount Tremper Arts)

Support the arts. Support the future.

xoxoC.C. Continue reading


Peter Tantsits in "8 Songs for a Mad King"

Peter Tantsits with I.C.E. in "8 Songs for a Mad King"

I don’t know what else to say, but: GO SEE PETER TANTSITS TONIGHT.

He’s performing his fierce production of Peter Maxwell Davies’ legendary and totally insane vocal theater work, “8 Songs for a Mad King”, tonight–FOR ONE LAST TIME–at Le Poisson Rouge.

Not only will you have very few opportunities in your lifetime to see this work performed live, but you may also never come across a production quite so exquisite.

Do it. Now.

Peter Maxwell Davies: “Eight Songs for a Mad King”Featuring Peter Tantsits, tenor and Phyllis Chen, toy piano

Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleeker St.
New York
$10 (advance tickets at

TO DO: Michael Hart, “Portraiture and Performance: 2003-2009”

"The Field" Photo by Michael Hart

"The Field" by Michael Hart

For those of us privileged to know him, Michael Hart is a godsend, and a fiercely dedicated artist and advocate. He may probably be the very lifeblood of the new dance scene. If that is an overstatement, then at least it is fair to say that Mr. Hart has been a steady force behind dozens of dance and other performance productions for the past few years, assisting not only with Chez Bushwick events and related artists, but also reaching out to other performers with an urgency and generosity that really seems to have one aim: To help give a push to anyone who wants it, and to anyone who needs it, in order to be the fiercest, fearless, and most fabulous version of who they are.

Not unrelated to these activities, Michael Hart has been stealthily documenting not only performances, but performers themselves–along with a host of other subjects–in kinetic, imaginative and subversive portraits. You may very well have beheld one of his images on any number of 4over4 flyers that get strewn around downtown dance venues. (You’ve also seen his work a’plenty on this site…)

Now, at long last, you can view this work in a public showing at Chez Bushwick tomorrow night (Wednesday, 18). There will also be live performances. Details are below.

Don’t miss this, the first solo showing of a photographic talent who is as deeply involved in the world he captures as he is highly invested in seeing that world thrive.

Portraiture & Performance: 2003-2009
Photography by Michael Hart

Hosted @ Chez Bushwick
Wednesday, March 18, 2009, 7:00PM
$10 Suggested Donation

Dual-Channel Slideshows Projected on the
The Twin Marquis Noodle Factory Façade
across the street from Chez Bushwick

*With Improvised Performances*
Beverages Served

TO DO: ACME, OHIO, and Arias

atonality-heartThere are a few notable affairs this weekend.

Tonight, the fab chamber ensemble, ACME, is presented by Wordless Music at Le Poisson Rouge. They will perform, along with former Shudder to Think frontman Craig Wedren, Lovesongs by Jefferson Friedman, which premiered last night at The Miller.

Saturday is the OHIO Theater‘s “Quantify Your Love Valentine’s Day Dance Party” benefit dance party to save their asses. If you’re free, around, and want to give the Ohio a bit of your own personal stimulus, tomorrow night’s the night.

And Sunday, if you’ve got a little passion left in your loins, you can check out two new arias composed by yours truly (aka, Ryan Tracy), for a proposed operatic adaptation of Edward Albee’s “Malcolm.” (Mm hmm, that’s right.) Singers Heather Meyer and Peter Tantsits try out the new material. Laura Poe accompanies on the piano. The concert is at Mannes, and includes music by other Mannes alumni and faculty. Admission is FREE, and things kick off at 1:30pm.


I love you.

TO DO: Horror At The New York City Opera



Presented by CAKE: New Art & Performance at Chez Bushwick


What? Did you think that just because I lost, and did a final postmortem, that I was going to let this thing go?

Not on your life!

I’m here to announce that you are all invited to an awesome candlelight poetry vigil/film screening to memorialize the crushing defeat of my campaign to take over the New York City Opera.

The evening will feature:

1. Candles

2. Poetry open mic (for anyone who would like to express their grief)

3. The new aria, “I Wuz New York City Opera,” composed and performed by Ryan Tracy, featuring shout outs to George Steel, Susan Baker and good old T-Bone Tommasini! (For realz. This is not a joke.)

4. A special screening of Dario Argento’s 1987 cult classic film, “Terror At The Opera,” in which an Italian production of Verdi’s “Macbeth” becomes mired in the bloody antics of a psychopathic opera fan.

5. Fresh popcorn. (obv)

Come share an evening of sorrow and slashing, as we remember the New York City Opera that could have been, and imagine what horrors may await the New York City Opera of the future!

Saturday, January 24th
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Chez Bushwick
304 Boerum St., Buzzer #11
(Between Bogart and White)
Brooklyn, NY 11206

• L Train To Morgan Avenue •
• 2 Blocks From The Station •
Click Here For Googlemap

RSVP (Limited Seating):