TO DO: Six Days of Sodomy

Holy shit. Over the next 6 days, NYC will be experiencing a non-stop barrage of queer performance. Trust me, this shit isn’t for the faint-of-heart, or crossed-of-leg.

First up, TONIGHT, Earl Dax is throwing down another edition of the infamous PussyFaggot party at the Delancey, this time hosted by queer vet Penny Arcade and Sophia Lamar. The lineup is fudge-packed, and teaming to the gills with queer NYC nightcrawlers, including Kenny Melman, Jeremy Wade (on loan from Berlin), and Glen Marla. Not to be missed is a special screening of artist Ryan Trecartin‘s “P.opular”.

Friday night, queer qrooner Nick Hallett curates Rhizome’s “New Silent” at the New Museum (which seems to be getting queerer the closer we get to nation-wide marriage equality) featuring Big Art Group and Cinemafury. Expect balloons.

New avenues into cabaret are in the air. On Saturday, you can swing by MonkeyTown for one of the last times EVER, where Nick Hallett (“Yay!”) is hosting Chateau de Chic, a “multi-media cabaret” with Katie Eastburn, Shana Moulton, Nicklcat, LSD and Ben Coonley.

Then Sunday, art colab. Magnetic Laboratorium brings us another installment of Magnetic Cabaret at Bubble Lounge. Masterminded by Marisela La Grave and hosted by Shasta (aka, Glen Rumsey), whose days dragging it up at Baracuda are legendary.

Monday, Penny Arcade revives to host a launch and “gala” for her book “Bad Reputation” at (Le) Poisson Rouge, with special guest including Deborah fucking Harry, among others. Rumor also has it that queer diva and guiding light Sarah Schulman may make an appearance.

And Tuesday–deep breath–fucking M. Lamar is throwing down a party for the release of his new album “Souls on Lockdown”. Guests include fucking Justin Bond, and fucking Novice Theory. If you haven’t heard “White Pussy,” you have no idea what it is like to live in the 21st century.

Christ. If you can fit all of that into your schedule, you’re even more flexible than I…


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