Question: Is this kid performing?

I saw this MGMT video the other day, and I have to say, I thought it was brilliant. But also complicated, and, by my own definitions, unethical. (Skip about 1 minute in for the video proper.)


Now, can we, as humans, find pleasure in the unethical? Umm, all the time! But obviously what intrigued me about the video is how much it resonates with the previous post’s discussion about performance, who can be said to be performing, and who/what is capable of participating in performance as art.

You all probably know where I stand in regards to the question Is this kid performing? But I’m curious to know how readers feel.


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  1. I was actually more disturbed by the weird bifurcation of the video. The first half was straight film, the second some weird animation lightly pertaining to the beginning half. I’m not sure what ballerina pigs, psychedelic hams, or animated ghosts have to do with a MILF and scared little kid. Seems like these two could possibly marry well together, but with better integration.

    As for the kid being petrified, I don’t think it’s much of anyone’s business spare the parents’ who consented to it.

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