TO DO: Michael Hart, “Portraiture and Performance: 2003-2009”

"The Field" Photo by Michael Hart

"The Field" by Michael Hart

For those of us privileged to know him, Michael Hart is a godsend, and a fiercely dedicated artist and advocate. He may probably be the very lifeblood of the new dance scene. If that is an overstatement, then at least it is fair to say that Mr. Hart has been a steady force behind dozens of dance and other performance productions for the past few years, assisting not only with Chez Bushwick events and related artists, but also reaching out to other performers with an urgency and generosity that really seems to have one aim: To help give a push to anyone who wants it, and to anyone who needs it, in order to be the fiercest, fearless, and most fabulous version of who they are.

Not unrelated to these activities, Michael Hart has been stealthily documenting not only performances, but performers themselves–along with a host of other subjects–in kinetic, imaginative and subversive portraits. You may very well have beheld one of his images on any number of 4over4 flyers that get strewn around downtown dance venues. (You’ve also seen his work a’plenty on this site…)

Now, at long last, you can view this work in a public showing at Chez Bushwick tomorrow night (Wednesday, 18). There will also be live performances. Details are below.

Don’t miss this, the first solo showing of a photographic talent who is as deeply involved in the world he captures as he is highly invested in seeing that world thrive.

Portraiture & Performance: 2003-2009
Photography by Michael Hart

Hosted @ Chez Bushwick
Wednesday, March 18, 2009, 7:00PM
$10 Suggested Donation

Dual-Channel Slideshows Projected on the
The Twin Marquis Noodle Factory Façade
across the street from Chez Bushwick

*With Improvised Performances*
Beverages Served




    Michael Hart is the shit!!

    even if she doesn’t answer her phone….

  2. We love this man.
    We love his work.
    We love his friends.
    We love Chez.
    We will be there.

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