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A few things worth noting…

Right now, there’s a pretty raging debate over the use of animals in performance over at L. Ro.’s Performance Club. C.C. is like “umm, dogs can’t consent to making art,” and others are like, “well, he’s having fun, so chill the fuck out!”

People are also commenting about other aspects of National Theater of the U.S.A.’s latest offering at P.S.122.

Also, here’s a little lag-time for you.

After C.C. posted this piece of arts news gossip here, and this one here, The Times decided to cast the official seal of approval on these days later.

Here’s Dan Wakin’s take on the Brooklyn Philharmonic “belt tightening.”

And Roslyn Sulcas confirms our blind item about 3 dancers being “fired” from a major NYC modern dance company, which turns out to be Merce Cunningham.

I guess when The Times reports on something stat, it’s breaking news. But when they drag their heels it’s responsible journalism.


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  1. I’m chill on the dog but I am so not ok with the Merce dancers. Yes, the younger dancers are cheaper. But what are these three going to do?!!! Aghhhhhhhh, I love this business!

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