Talk to the T-Bone

tommasini_in-nomine-jesuDream come true #2!

Anthony Tommasini (or, T-Bone, as he goes by around these parts) is the featured writer this week at The Times’ “Talk to the Newsroom.”


Finally, the answers to all our classical music questions will come pouring forth from the great and wise T-Bone.

Okay, so, question #1:

In your profile, you are quoted as saying this:

“…having been a performer, I know how hard it is, which makes me, I hope, a more sensitive critic. I’ve been there.”

Why treat classical music sensitively? And why use an affinity of experience to sensitively shade criticism of current practitioners?

Couldn’t this open up critics to apology and punch-pulling when artists aren’t quite up to snuff?



We have contact!!! Click on the link. We’re the 4th question down. And T-Bone totally gives us an awesome, thoughtful, and loooong answer! He even admits that our question “got to [him]”. Now I’m blushing.

But seriously, our question was sincere, and came from a point of view that sees the need for classical music discourse to be less sensitive. Not that it should be genuinely disrespectful, but that the attitude one can take into the concert hall can be more than just quiet respect.

Props to T-Bone for taking us seriously, and navigating the complexities of criticism like a pro. We may tease over here, but ultimately, we care.


  1. So, uh, how hard is it? (giggle, giggle, giggle)

  2. How about sensitive and long…

    (Scroll down to question #4)

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