TO DO: Live chat with L. Ro.!

Talk to me, Goose...

Dear, Lord...

Today at 3pm, WNYC’s blog is hosting a live chat with Claudia La Rocco and Nathan Lee.

Details are few, but whatever, any chat with L. Ro. is bound to be like chicken soup for the critical soul. (Cheesy and delicious!)

I’ll update later on as soon as it becomes clear exactly how the hell this is going to play out.



Here’s the link to the WNYC chat. Basically, you just type in a question, and Claudia and Nathan will do their best to answer in complete sentences. See you there!


You guyz! It’s actually happening! And it’s very cool. GO NOW.

UPDATE 3 – About Face:

So, some head is up some ass over at WNYC. Let me apologize to y’all if you’ve gone over there and you got to the bottom of the page an realized: IT’S OVER.

Turns out they only chatted for half and hour and then called it quits just when things were getting good (aka: when C.C. chimed in).

I don’t know who’s responsible, but I wouldn’t doubt it’s the same people who were responsible for consolidating L. Ro.’s blog into all the others. BTW, have you noticed that L. Ro.’s posts get like, millions of comments, and the others (maybe with the exception of Nathan Lee’s) are like ghost towns? L. Ro. really had something going.

And WYNC could really have something going. I like how they’re trying to mix things up. But today’s aborted live-chat was kind of pathetic. It felt like that asshole parent who says you’re going to get to go to Disneyland, drives you up to the gate, says, “See! We went to Disneyland!” and then turns around and takes you to the public pool. Lame.


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