R.I.P.: The Culturist


So, I don’t know if y’all noticed, but yesterday, WNYC…rather unannounced…merged L. Ro.’s brilliant blog, The Culturist, and all their other arts blog, into one blog called ART.CULT.

In her maiden “ART.CULT” post, and subsequent comments (a couple people have expressed distress at the lame news) L. Ro. explains that her focus now will be on performance, although she will also mix in other things. THANK CHRIST! Because that’s what was brilliant about The Culturist. L. Ro. covered so much territory, and in a way that really reflects the culture experience of most people I know in NY. It all kind of stews together, and drawing the line between one’s “high” pursuits and “low” encounters is often difficult to do.

Well, at least L. Ro., if only as a culturist, will still be blogging. But there’s something about an individual blog that can’t be captured in a group blog. For anyone who wants to filter their WYNC experience just to feature L. Ro.’s pieces, you can still click on my “Culturist” link to the right, which will lead you to all of her posts.

Alas, poor Culturist. We knew her well…


n.1. A cultivator.

2. One who is an advocate of culture.



  1. Sha-Zaam!

  2. “I’m not dead! I don’t want to go in the cart” …. bonus points if you know what movie that’s from. Here’s the link, but don’t cheat!

    Aww, shucks CC, I didn’t know you all cared so much …

    and, really, I’m not dead yet. I feel happy! … I think art.cult will end up being the best of both worlds, once the death star is fully operational.

    Going to stop now, before I date myself with another movie reference.

  3. Monty Python and the Holy Grail?…

  4. ding ding ding! you get a prize … what shall it be? a culturist bobblehead, perhaps?

  5. Yes please!!!

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