Opera (in the) News

Turns out the Met’s recent announcement to change their Wagner Ring subscription policies has ruffled the feathers of Ringtards to the point where they’ve petitioned the Gray Lady to hear their case.

Particularly choice is the third letter, where a long-time Met customer, in almost the same breath, admits to spending $2,000 a year on opera tickets (that’s just to the Met) and feeling like she’s being treated like a second class citizen. Umm, honey, if you have $2,000 to spend on opera tickets, you’re probably not riding in the back of the bus. Just sayin’.

Thanks to La Cieca for reading the entire newspaper.


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  1. The best part is the end of the second letter:

    I propose that we Wagnerians save the epithets for more pressing matters — like Mr. Gelb’s insufficient attention to Wagner and the broader German repertory at the Met in favor of more bel canto and verismo.

    John Spencer
    Princeton, N.J., April 11, 2008

    Yes, do *more* third rate Bellini instead of the rich trove of German-language opera written after Wagner. [insert eye-rolling emoticon here]

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