A Weekend With CounterCritic

  • Friday night we stopped by DNA for Laura Peterson’s “Electrolux,” reviewed in The Times by Gia Kourlas. Our very own RT will actually be reviewing this for The Brooklyn Rail, so all we can say now is, it was def worth checking out.
  • Saturday afternoon we hit the replay of the Met’s simulcast of Peter Grimes at BAM, since technical difficulties interrupted the original broadcast. We still haven’t changed our tune, in terms of thinking Griffey doesn’t make for a great Grimes, particularly as he is directed here, but “The Dew” sent in this comment to the contrary.
  • Saturday evening, we checked out the Thomas Adès concert at Carnegie’s Zankel Hall, reviewed in The Times by T-Bone. Mark Morris was in the house, sporting a colorful scarf and a “FUCK BUSH” pin. The concert was mainly music Adès wrote when he was nineteen and in school. His “Chamber Symphony” was totally hot; some early songs were, well, early. It’s nice to see a self-proclaimed “modernist” get some credit in the concert scene. (BTW: Kyle Gann picked up our rail against atonality haters over at Arts Journal!)
  • Finally, we swung by the shittiest bar in Manhattan to hear the song stylings of Czar Bomba, when who should walk in but Kevin Kline accompanied by a couple of very young boys. We were all like, WTF? But shortly after his entrance, a whole crew of teenagers flooded the bar. Turns out, Kline’s son, Owen Kline–who starred as the lonely young brother in Noah Baumbach’s “The Squid and The Whale”–has a band that occasionally gets together to play…music. Actually, they were kind of charming (one of the songs was about King Kong biting the scrotum of a tiger, or something). Some parents were there to cheer them on, and, you know, supervise the underage drinking.

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  1. That’s a hell of a weekend, great shows though,,,

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