The road to erotic transcendence is a slippery slope.

Tristan und IsoldeC.C.’s reporting at 1:31AM because girl just got back from The Met’s rockin’-n-rollin’ production of “Tristan und Isolde”–which has already been beleaguered by a series of casting issues–and yet another stroke of bad luck befell the love-sick opera.

Just into the third act, what was meant to be a nifty theatrical device, a sliding gurney covered with an area rug, turned into a terrifying wild ride for Gary Lehman (who was replacing Ben Heppner as Tristan) when the gurney popped out of the slot in the floor that was keeping it in place, and sent Lehman rolling head-first into the eternal flame of love at the base of the set! The whole audience gasped. It was crazy, and it all happened really quickly.

Lehman flopped to the side and clutched his head and just laid there. The other cast members stopped singing but didn’t know what to do. The stage manager and a couple others rushed out to help. Then Levine stopped the orchestra.

The crew helped Lehman to his feet and escorted him off-stage as the curtains closed around the set.

A few moments later, the stage manager came out and announced that Lehman was all right, and that he just needed some water and a couple of minutes to relax and they would resume.

When he left, the audience became awash in a genuine hubbub! I mean, when do you get to experience a real live hubbub? And at the opera?!

And, true to their word, a few minutes later, the curtain opened and there was Lehman, back lying on the magic carpet gurney of doom. But this time it stayed in locked position, and Lehman continued his performance, which had been really solid up until the unfortunate mishap, singing well without much sign of vocal distress, other than what the Heldentenor role normally imposes on a Tristan.

Other than that–and a weird lighting issue at the beginning of the night, and a loud bang just after they resumed the third act, oh, and a series of water stains and frayed seams in the backdrop of the set–the performance had been going rather smoothly.

C.C. will give you the full review either tomorrow or Thursday.


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