Marketing Glass, and Gandhi

satyagraha_poster.jpgC.C. came across this poster this morning in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, just of Myrtle Avenue (aka, Murder Avenue). It’s an advertisement for The Met’s upcoming staging of Philip Glass’s opera “Satyagraha,” based on the early life of Gandhi (opens April 11).

This kind of confirms our theory that Peter Gelb has a large part of his focus on marketing, which is to say that he’s interested in reshaping public perceptions of his product (I’m pretty sure that’s the precise definition of marketing).

We’re all for it. Reshape away. But part of us feels that it would be ideal for the work itself to do the reshaping; that is, the work has to stand up to the message, otherwise people will feel it’s false advertising, like when opera company’s try to play off the “opera is about passion, sex and murder” angle and then people go and it’s the same dull, boring, unsexy night you thought you weren’t going to get.

satyagraha_poster2.jpgAlthough, influence can come from both directions. Maybe opera could use a little jump start via smart ad campaigns. But, doesn’t an advertisement like this simultaneously reinforce the public assumption that opera is useless?

(But I will say, the word “OPERA” caught my eye, even through the morning grog…)


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  1. Why couldn’t they just name it Ghandi! The Musical!

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