Miss Me Much

janetjackson-missyoumuch.jpgA lovely friend sent us in this desperate comment, lamenting the recent lull in content on C.C. Well, all we can say is, we go through these periods every now and then. The only thing we can do is bear down, and breathe through it.

In the mean time, if you don’t think you can hold out until the next C.C. review comes through, here’s a short list of things you might have missed or may not have been able to completely work your way through, that should tide you over until the next big purge:

1.) There’s always the five-part epic/diary entry, Ways and Means, that we penned a couple weeks ago. Kudos to anyone who made it through the whole series.

2.) Then there’s this impromptu, completely informal and partially researched dissertation on “postdramatic” theater.

3.) We’ve always been proud of our review of Björk’s “Volta,” the hit-or-miss retreat into fiddling that failed to follow up the profound and deeply vocal “Medula”

4.) This review of Glen Rumsey’s “little virtue” was one of the hardest reviews we ever had to write. Do you think he’ll ever forgive us?

5.) A more light-hearted entry is our review-in-brief after hitting two flicks at the infamous Court Street UA Cinemas. (Oh…the horror…)

6.) Then we recontextualized atonality, for realz, countering nearly a hundred years of musical theory.

7.) Finally, there’s always our most-read-post-ever, our ever popular review of Ann Liv Young‘s child-exploitation performance at Rush Arts. (Oh, the horror x a million…)

That should keep you busy…


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  1. Hey CC,

    Did ya hear your darling baby mama is gonna be doing a performance in just a few short weeks?!?!? Should we all bring pampers just in case?!?!?

    CPR – Center for Performance Research is a non-profit collaboration of two dance organizations: Jonah Bokaer/Chez Bushwick, Inc. and John Jasperse/Thin Man Dance, Inc. The founders of CPR have organized a pre-opening performance inspired by the concept of “Displacement.” Performances will be given by Matjia Ferlin (Croatia), Aimar Perz Galí (Spain), Amanda Loulaki (NYC), Kayvon Pourazar (NYC), Ann Liv Young (NYC), and a motion capture video by Jonah Bokaer & Michael Cole (NYC).

    “Displacement @ Greenbelt”
    March 8, 2008

    “Displacement” aims to promote dialogue about the continuous cycle of rapid development of “place” and resulting “displacement” in cosmopolitan life. The evening will feature performances of new choreography by local and international artists, in conjunction with an opening of work by recognized visual artists.

    Center for Performance Research
    361 Manhattan Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY

    I better see ya there!!

    yours always,


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