Times provides a great segue

Chez Bushwick‘s second performance program at Whitney Live gets a nice review by Jennifer Dunning in The New York Times. Layard Thompson, Ede Thurrell and Brandin Steffensen all performed their own interpretations of Deborah Hay’s solo, “News.” Dunning gave the evening an “intriguing” thumbs up.

Well, C.C. was there too. And, what do you know, Times photog, Julieta Cervantes caught us on camera:


Look how dedicated we are, scratching away notes on our little moleskin! But actually, C.C. was not there as C.C., but rather, as her alter ego, Ryan Tracy, who has recently undertaken the task of co-hosting a blog–Notes On A Vanguard–for the fabulous Chez Bushwick on Doug Fox’s fast growing internet kiosk, Great Dance.

Ryan has been writing critical essays for Chez Bushwick since 2005. (You may have noticed that we have never officially “reviewed” anything Chez B. on this site.) This new endeavor will make these critical but non-evaluative writings available to the public. He’ll also be hosting discussions on various topics concerning the dance/performance communities.

So, please excuse us while we try to negotiate our double-duty. We’ll let you know when the Whitney Live essay goes live.

And never fear, C.C. isn’t going anywhere. She’s just…how would the corporate world put it?…Diversifying her portfolio.


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