Don’t Leave Her Alone: Intervene. Now.

We’re not normally into the kind of pop culture gossip that seems to have permanently made blogging the art of the superficial and lifeless. But, since we’re humans over here, and we do really care–somehow, somewhere–about the fate of pop icons, we’re linking to this AP report in The Times. Does anyone really want to wake up one morning and read that she’s dead? Remember how it felt when you heard about Anna Nicole Smith.



  1. Given that Ms. Spears is one of your elite correspondents, I would think that you might have further knowledge of the incident, along with more in-depth analysis …

  2. Listen, CC Fan! We reached out to Brits in our own attempt to encourage her to focus her energy on a developing a more mature role in this nation’s cultural spotlight. We hadn’t heard from her since we published her review. She hadn’t returned our emails requesting her to cover The Nutcracker and Moscow Cat Theater. (To tell you the truth, we were a bit worried.) Let’s hope her amazing take on Eliot Carter won’t be the last we hear from what seems to be an undiscovered critical talent.

  3. Hm. If she passed on Moscow Cat Theater, something must really be wrong.

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