He DOES care!

Do you guys remember when we cried when Alex Ross wrote that piece in The New Yorker with all those links to music blogs, and we were like, Alex, come on! We’re in your “All-Over Blogs” section and that means we won’t get the benefit of the extra traffic that one of your awesome NYer articles is likely to garner. Seriously. Remember that?

Well, check out A. Ro.’s farewell holiday post. No, not the one about the cats! (For us, the pain is still too near.) The latest one. He says, “I will be away until January. Please patronize Music Blogs and All-Over Blogs.” Music blogs and All-Over blogs!

We know you feel us Alex. And we feel you back…I mean…in a completely platonic…non-come on sort of way…you know…like…friends or something.



1 Comment

  1. That’s so incredibly cool that he linked to you! I’m so insanely jealous!!!

    Btw, no one (including me) ever mentioned about that TONY article about bloggers versus pro critics in which practically every arts category under the sun except dance was mentioned… did you notice that?

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