Check It, Before You Wreck Your Experience Of “Sweeney Todd” The Movie

depp_sweeny.jpgIf you love the musical theater works of Stephen Sondheim and you’re shivering in your queer-ass boots for fear of what awful fate will befall the juggernaut “Sweeney Todd” in the hands of creepy filmmaker and Depp-o-file, Tim Burton, READ THIS NOW. It’s Jesse Green’s blow-by-blow conversation with Sondheim about the kind of extreme cuts that were made specifically for this adaptation (prepare yourself: “The Ballad of Sweeney Todd” is one of the victims, and that’s like, one of the only songs we knew).

Even cooler is the format that The Times‘ editors used to publish the article on the website. Craftily titled, “Sondheim Dismembers ‘Sweeney’,” the article is dissected into little segments, each individually labeled and stuffed into the back of the refrigerator next to the vials of urine, making the experience of reading it totally good times, and leaving us hopeful that this thing might not actually suck. For realz. No, seriously.


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