Semi-Douche: L. Ro. on Doug Elkins

summerseveyoga.jpgNow, y’all know we could eat us up some Claudia La Rocco like, any day. And you know, this is going to hurt us more than it hurts her, but what must be done, must be done.

Thus…in her otherwise erudite and kick-ass endorsement of Doug Elkin’s Sound of Music inspired dance piece at Joe’s Pub, L. Ro. drops a queer reference that, although cute, miiiiight just be about two decades behind schedule:

References to José Limón and Paul Taylor rub elbows with breaking and Balanchine, as well as a host of club moves, vaudeville gags and syncopated rhythms. (This mix was topped off by gestures like the split-fingered Vulcan salute.) There is even locker-room humor, albeit of the kind most likely to be found in Christopher Street locker rooms.

Honey, even if there were any locker rooms left on Christopher Street, they would most likely be filled to the brim with straight yuppies complaining about how much they paid for their luxury duplex and wondering when the next cupcake shop is going to open. Perhaps a more on-the-mark reference would have been, you know, Chelsea (still works), or Hell’s Kitchen, or…I don’t know…my place?


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  1. Hehehehehehe!

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