Is Alex Ross trying to tell us something?

heartbreak.jpgSo I was catching my daily dose of A. Ro.’s notoriously demure blog, Le Rest c’est Noise, when much to my dismay, I came upon this earth shattering phraseology that has C.C.’s heart breaking and her fingers shaking:

“…In the past I’ve posted pictures of our cats …”

…Wha?…Our cats?…Our cats?…Wait, wait. You mean, like…”our cats” in the sense that animals belong to the world and thereby they belong to all of us? Or, or, I mean…are you using the royal tense? Cuz, you know, you’re cool enough to do that now that your book is selling out all over the place…or…or…There must be some other explanation!…Maybe joint custody with a lesbian couple?!….Damn! I can’t deal with this kind of news…Not before the Holidays!…Not now…Not like this…

Not like this…


  1. YOU had me thinking he was gay, which had me all worked up because I was developing a crush (which has since begun to abate). But, I recently found out he was married!!!

  2. To a woman?

  3. I assumed!
    Yes, because I remember he said he and his wife yadda yadda…

  4. I was wrong, he is married to a man!:

    so we’re both screwed… But look at cute little said kitty in the picture, aw….

  5. People! You just need to read the book dedication!

  6. OMG! I know, I know. I came across that a few weeks ago and I was like, crap.

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