To An Anonymous Commenter

This a public response to an anonymous comment Counter Critic received regarding our “Piggy Back” Review of The Brooklyn Philharmonic’s production of Tan Dun’s The Gate last week at BAM.

Dear Anonymous Moron:

I can’t post your comment, because it isn’t worth posting.

1. You look kind of foolish for incorrectly writing that my post was anonymous. Simply clicking on the “About Counter Critic” tab at the top of the website would lead you to answer any question you might have about the post’s authorship.

2. You chose to post your comment anonymously (leaving a false email address), which puts you in a decidedly hypocritical position.

3. You also seem to feel like opinion is some kind of researchable fact, implying that if I had “done my research,” I would suddenly learn that Mr. Christie wasn’t hammy, and that the video projections weren’t awful, and that the puppetry wasn’t boring. This is just stupid.

4. I actually did understand that the puppeteer’s role wasn’t meant to be traditionally sung, which is why I called it “sprechtstimme.”

5. You seem more bent on attacking me personally than engaging in a serious conversation about the merits of the work in question, which I am most certainly sure you participated in, either directly or indirectly.

Thank you for correcting my mispelling of Hua Hua Zhang’s name. I always encourage readers to point these things out to me.

However, the next time you decide to waste my time with a mindless stream of non-critical, poorly written and blatantly biased nonsense, please, DON’T HIT SEND.

The Counter Critic


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