Throw Me A T-Bone!

tommasini.jpgA dance critic, Anthony Tommasini is not. But even his musical criticism…criticism…is pretty bare bones in this mostly synopsis “review” of Japan Society’s Delusion of the Fury. (Here’s the FIRST WORD.)

WTF? I really don’t get where he’s coming from, other than a place of feeling like he needs to educate people about the music (a la that in-famous lesson in twelve tone composition), rather than have an opinion about what actually happened in the concert hall. Considering that the whole tamale is sold-out, this was the perfect opportunity to be all harsh and shit, you know, if indeed that is one of the factors behind his tepid opinionation.

Listen, T-Bone. We love you. And we even think you’re smart. And we know you can play the piano r’l well. But can you just turn up the heat a little? We know you can do it. If you need some encouragement, feel free to invite C.C. to go along with you to your next assignment. We’ll teach you how to snicker at bad dance during a concert. Or, or roll your eyes when a crappy baritone brings down the quality of a Met opera by like four notches every time he opens his horn. Or we can even learn you the quick walk out the door before getting buried beneath an unwarranted avalanche of applause after a haphazard interpretation of Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony. We are here for you, T-Bone. You can count on us!


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