Nordlinger: Mac or Music Critic?

I know we totally just bagged on Nordlinger the other day–we might have questioned the integrity of his mental faculties, it’s true–but we’re gonna post about his review of the Fleming/Levine affair at Carnegie.

Obviously, we’ve been a little frustrated with the watery non-criticism provided by the classical reviewers at The Times, so at least Nordi isn’t afraid to launch a crit bomb every once in a while.

First, he was kind of right about the middle movement of the Berlioz. It was effectively somnolent, to say the least.

And second, he confirms the crappy playing of the horn section in at least one part of the program.

But why, oh why, can’t he just tighten up his prose a little? It’s impossible to get through paragraphs like this, regarding Fleming’s first set:

The three songs we heard are classic Dutilleux: concentrated, intricate, economical — not a note is wasted. And those notes are good and interesting.

And-this-re-view-is-writ-ten-by-a-com-pu-ter. Come on!


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