Critics Award of the Day (CAD): Alessandra Stanley on Today

anncurry.jpgPut down the remote control, and check out Alessandra Stanley’s morning television check-up in The Times. This is Stanley’s second Caddy, the first going to her coverage of Victoria Beckham’s one-night-stand reality ride.

It was really hard to pick a favorite passage from this lampooning of morning television’s feminine consumer-driven lameness. So we’re gonna give you two.

First, there’s this observation about the last of the four hours that the Today Show now runs:

…the fourth hour of “Today” has tipped the balance of the program: The more newsy first hour… seems increasingly at odds with the long, tranquilizing estrogen stretch that follows.

Then she has some pretty awesome descriptions of Ann Curry’s Ritalin-infused hosting style:

Ms. Curry has proved that she can cover any subject, from Darfur to diaper rash, without critical distance. (She once led a segment on the power of female friendship by asserting that there is “a lot” of medical evidence that not having long-term friends is “as risky to your health as obesity, as smoking.”)

And if you’re not as Curry savvy as we are, this clip from The Soup will get you up to speed.


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