Ladies and Gentlemen…Introducing…The New York Dance Community!


WTF? There are like five people in this picture!


C.C. is totally there somewhere, although, we have a feeling we’re only partial view. Check out this link for the full monty and a list of all the cats who showed up.



  1. I know, it wasn’t a great turnout. I was in the back, annoyed at how disorganized it was and how snobby some people were acting…

  2. I was there but can’t find myself in the picture.

    It’s also weird cause I only know like five people in the picture and I’ve been around for a while. Who are all these people and why weren’t more of our colleagues there?

  3. I think a lot of people didn’t show up cuz the entire event had the air of a high school pep rally. You could tell some people kind of thought it was a dorky thing to participate in. :(

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