Extreme Makeover: State Theater Edition

Sweet. The State Theater is getting a makeover! Turns out NYCO and NYCB have kissed and made up, and are joining hands to update the rhinestone horse, as reported by The Times. There will be an acoustical clip-on that will allow for a better opera experience. I guess they’re also aiming to pimp up the A/V capabilities.

What’s hilarious, though, is this little point of contention:

The center aisle is not up for discussion. “We quite early took it off the table,” Ms. Baker said, “because it had been such an emotional subject, I’m told, in earlier conversations with prior generations of leadership.”

Wha??? What’s the big f-ing deal? A center aisle? Why not? It would make the critics’ jobs a hell of a lot easier, which would only lead to better reviews since they will have one less thing to gripe about. (But seriously, anyone have the inside scoop as to why the New York City Ballet is allergic to center aisles?)


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