Watch out, 60s: Here come the 70s

In a blazingly sycophantic review/profile/editorial, Deborah Jowitt, celebrating five decades of writing for The Village Voice, lionizes Douglas Dunn and the 70s in much the same way that has befallen the 1960s in recent dance/performance art discussions.

I feel less of a need to harsh on the 70s, since that decade has never had much of a devoted fan base in today’s nostalgia culture. Most people bemoan the fashions and fads, although the cinema from that decade is arguably some of the best America has ever produced.

But with dance, the 60’s Merce/Judson mindset bleeds pretty seamlessly into the 70s. Jowitt’s quick to wax nostalgic about cheap rents and impromptu performances in peoples’ studios. Things have a much more professional edge these days: WE REALLY LIKE TO PLAN. There’s certainly just as much going on as there has ever been (if not more). I suppose the economic reality is both better and worse. There’s definitely a lot of cross pollinating going on (I can make a Six Degrees of Jean Freebury daisy chain that would wrap around most of lower Manhattan and half of Brooklyn).

Perhaps Jowitt sums it up best near the end of the piece: The 70s are over, but-

What? So I cut her off…


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