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leroy.jpg(Photo of Xavier Le Roy by Vincent Cavaroc)

It’s always fun to look back at the in-print previews of performances once the glorious spectacles have found their ways on and off the stage. We rarely look back after the engagement has run its natural life course, from anticipated, to happening, to adjudicated, to forgotten.

Gia Kourlas, two-fisting it at The New York Times and Time Out New York, previewed both Rite of Spring Performa engagements.

Back in October, Kourlas previewed RoS Indexical for the Grey Lady. It’s funny, cuz in the program from last night, I noticed a dedication to the comedian Robin Williams, and I thought, WTF is this about? I moved on, but in re-reading the preview, there it is again: The second half of the work is inspired by performances by Sarah Bernhardt and by Robin Williams, whom Ms. Rainer called “a kinetic genius.”

Whatever you want to say about Mr. Williams, I didn’t see any indexical connection to his work, except for maybe, the costumes, which, now that I think about it, did kind of look like Mork and The Lost Boys got together to open their own fashion line.

In a more recent preview for Time Out, Kourlas focuses more on Xavier Le Roy’s mime-tastic solo rendition of Le Sac. Le Roy actually preempts a criticism I made regarding the spurious conceit of conducting to the music: “It’s very interesting that when I get feedback, very often people say, ‘Oh, I always dreamed to do this!’ or ‘I was doing this as a kid in front of my stereo,’ ” he says, laughing, in a phone interview from Brazil. “And me? I never had this dream…”

Ah, I get it: What’s the difference between a child’s painting and a painting done by an artist who choses to paint like a child?

Answer: You expect one of them to know better.

Check out our double-bill review of both shows!


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