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Holy crap. Another critic makes the Gawker gossip spotlight (here’s the first one). This time, it’s hometown theater critic, Charles Isherwood, who apparently tried to tear certain striking playwrights a new hole, and ended up getting his own hole blown out by supposed layabout playwright, Jon Robin Baitz. According to Gawker:

Dreamboat playwright, blogger, and writer for ABC’s Brother and Sisters Jon Robin Baitz responded at length to an incredibly patronizing and, well, shitty piece Times Theater critic Charles Isherwood wrote. Isherwood had wondered “whatever it is television and movie writers do when they are not cooking up dialogue for detectives, superheroes or nerdy, horny teenagers.”

Baitz actually lays in pretty hard to Ben Brantley, the kindler, gentler critic. Here’s a link to the Huffington Post rant. Although today, Baitz posted an apologia P.S. at the end of it. WTF? Don’t let the big bad critics think they can bully you around. You sling that shit, girl. Sling it till you can’t sling no more! (Or until you write a hot gay sex scene for your TV show. Please?)


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