Bring ON Da “Noise”

therestisnoise.jpgGuess who got his grubby little hands on a copy of A. Ro.‘s The Rest is Noise? That’s right, kids. C.C. is gonna be bringing you a chapter-by-chapter, blow-by-blow (pardon the expression), semi-tone-by-semi-tone review of Alex Ross’ first book.

So far, the cover feels really nice.  And we’re totally into the Bjork blurb on the back.  As far as anything inside the book, we have yet to crack it open, but as soon as we do, oh boy!

Disclaimer: C.C. has always been a notoriously slllllllllllow reader.  So hunker down, dig in your heels, and give us some frickin’ time, for Chrissake! We’re busy people.


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