BAM Takeover as Matchmaker

bam_takeover.jpgHow the fuck did we miss this yesterday!? Damn, we’re gettin’ slow over here. It took us several internet hop-scotches to find this damn article: C.C. to Great Dance to Dancing Into the Future to DTW’s Blog, which posted the full text. Phew!

Basically, L. Ro.‘s been doing some gum shoeing about how cultural institutions are trying to attract the still-has-a-pulse crowd. A large part of the piece focuses on the BAM Takeover, which C.C. went to: FYI, it was $20 at the door. And what a crazy-ass door that was!

Our two fitty? We would have rather just paid ten bucks to attend the Lohan mid-career retrospective, a truly necessary group catharsis. It was like everyone there (at the I Know Who Killed Me screening) needed to exorcise all the spiritually poisonous byproducts of the Lohan media machine. This got some attention on Gawker. Although I didn’t feel like we were all there just to make fun of her. The audience, rather, seemed to be cheering her on through a performance that could quite possibly become a cult fetish, or at least a good drinking game.

The event got a lot of hot blooded youngsters out there. We’re not sure how much intermixing was really going on between the cinema crowd, the dance crowd and the band crowd. Although, I’m pretty sure everyone stood in solidarity as the beer crowd.

But the true success of the night (or failure, depending on how you look at it), are these little moments of aborted love that found their way to the pages of Craigslist’s “Missed Connections.”


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