DUmb Critic Hack Award: Jennifer Dunning on John Jasperse

It’s John Jasperse Day!

summerseve21.jpgWe’re slapping the full DUCHY on Jennifer Dunning for her poo poo all over John Jasperse‘s Misuse liable for prosecution, which we just reviewed (yummy). And, to make a long story short, we thought it was super sweet.

And it’s not just cuz we disagree with D. Dog that we’re giving her the douche. Part of the trap she falls into is set up by a choice Jasperse makes, which is to introduce the political idea and then abandon it. We were happy to have it dissapear, but Dunning kept looking for it.

Her douchiest comment is that “nothing very interesting happened.”

Her next douchiest comment is where she miswrites how much the dancers get paid ($15/hour for rehearsals, not per rehearsal) and then uses the disclosure that Jasperse makes about how much it has cost to transport the sets (an unavoidable expense) to rip on him for cheaping out his dancers, suggesting that the money should be given to the dancers. This is so unrealistic it’s funny. Arts economics don’t work like that. The fact that Jasperse spent almost no money on the set costs doesn’t put any more money into paying him or his dancers. A saved cost in the arts world is a saved cost, and you can’t get it back. Funding is provided for what you will do–you propose a budget and that how much you get–not what you didn’t do. But again, Jasperse seems to put this can of worms on the table to begin with. It’s just too bad Dunning brought her opener.


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  1. Even making the statement that Jasperse’s subject “is a familiar one,” is irrelevant. Even if the topic of economic disparity is familiar to Dunning and/or the audience at BAM, is that any reason not to explore it? She sounds like she was over it before she even walked into the theater.

    It seems as if the process of making contemporary movement-based work is so far away from reviewers. Some can’t possibly have anything to say except “what they see.” And that’s not very insightful.

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