Time(s) To Dance: Blind Item Edition


..who wrote this positive review of Parijat Desai Dance Company. Here’s a sample:

What was new about her blending of the Indian classical dance form of Bharata Natyam with Western modern and jazz dance was its departure from the usual look of ritual. And she has found the perfect interpreters in her four dancers, whose seamless blending of the new and old was filled with funny and touching nuances of personality that fit well with Ms. Desai’s wide-ranging and sometimes antic choice of themes.

… who wrote this mostly positive review of Sam Kim at DTW.  Here’s a sample:

Not that Ms. Kim’s work is about drugs, unless they’re the everyday drugs of conformity and complacency. But the piece offers a notable transformation of physical detail — the hallucinogen-fueled abandonment of ordinary stance and demeanor, the cool chic and terminal self-consciousness of fashionable behavior — into a persuasive choreographic metaphor for the loss of self.

My guess is Sulcas on the first, and L.Ro on the second. No guess as to why the online editors are douchebags for not listing the bylines.




  1. The Sam Kim review was by Roslyn Sulcas (it says so in the physical paper). Not sure about the first.

  2. Strike one for Counter Critic.

    Thanks, David.

  3. It was Jennifer Dunning; ridiculous that they don’t publish the author’s name — as if the Internet wrote it itself

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