The Great Mystery is solved!!!!

As you may well remember, an anonymous reader tried to harsh my crit cuz I called Claudia La Rocco old, or crusty or something like that. The reader came to her defense, saying she was “rather young.”  Though I mocked my reader’s relative assertion of Claudia’s youngness, I have to say, I did begin to wonder, just how old was my favorite writer at The New York Times? (Sorry A.M.)

Then, as I perused L. Ro’s beautiful meditation on the emphemeral quality of dance that appeared today, I came across this delicious, and perhaps knowingly self-proclaiming admission:

Last spring, before reviewing the Suzanne Farrell Ballet in Washington, I spent hours studying tapes of the company’s founder in performance. I had never seen Ms. Farrell dance, since I was only 12 when she retired from the New York City Ballet in 1989.

Holy fuck!  Bitch be a baby! I’m totally in shock.  Did anyone else know this?  She writes like a swan who’s seen it all. I don’t know whether to be impressed or suspicious. Whatevs.  Maybe we can be friends now, and hang out, and watch Kathy Griffin together, since we’re like, almost in the same class.



  1. But seriously, her article is a sober call to look at how we view dance in particular as a ping-pong match between a great and distinguished past and an often confusing and interstitial present. I would also imagine that this piece is in direct response to Alastair Macaulay’s reliance on his own memory to substantiate his views. You go, girl. CC got your back.

  2. […] Here is our favoritest passage (other than the one where she breaks the age-old taboo of women not revealing their age, which we just blogged about): […]

  3. Where are you L. Ro?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

  4. C.C., you totally got me this morning. I mean, the admission of L. Ro’s youthful age has been THE talk of the town this week. I’ve already participated in not one, but MANY conversations with others who were shocked, duped, disappointed, amazed. Have we a potential spy for our generation at the dance desk on 41st Street? Is L. Ro really an adequate representative for our colective thoughts and opinions or a lackey of the establishment? Thank You for not letting this great story slide by…

    On another front, I spotted Roslyn Sulcas at a performance at the Kitchen last night. Nobody would talk to her. And she was dressed bad. Go figure.

  5. For realz. Some amazing things have happened, and I can definitely say L. Ro is on “our side” as much as that’s possible.

    Too bad about Sulcas. If she needs a friend, we’re always willing to kiss and make up.

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