MPAA: Longer, Rougher Hetero Sex On Par With Gay Quickie

It’s funny that movie producers think NC-17 is like the kiss of death, as reported in S. James Snyder’s piece in The Sun, which focuses on the release of Ang Lee’s new suspense/skin-flick, “Lust, Caution.” I’ve always been like, Crank it up, fuckers! when it comes to sex on/in film.

Of course, when you look at the MPAA’s standards for slapping a film with the dreaded rating, there seems to be an unfortunately common umbrella-ing of various sexually transgressive activities:

“Lust, Caution” is free of the sorts of sexual content (rape, incest, orgies, gay sex scenes, etc.) that lead some to write off other NC-17 works as subversive or transgressive. Instead, the movie features heterosexual sex that is more frequent, lengthy, and aggressive than the MPAA will tolerate in an R-rated film.

Rape…incest…orgies…gay sex scenes. One of these things is not like the others!

Politics aside, I’m surprised our capitalist market hasn’t yet pulled through for connoisseurs of sexed-up movies, like it has for video and online pornography. Playing up the scandalous label would surely attract just as many viewers as it would deter ratings prudes. Or maybe that’s playing into the MPAA’s illegitimate stranglehold on Hollywood’s privates.


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