Joyce Director Programs Shit, Gets Feelings Hurt

My girl Claudia La Rocco profiled the Joyce over the weekend.

We all know this theater is somewhat of a puzzle in the dance world, and La Rocco explains why in lots of detail.

What’s funny is how Joyce Executive Director, Linda Shelton, responds to artists’ criticisms that the Joyce leans toward safe programming and, as John Jasperse articulates, shares a stake in creating a complicated situation by cultivating audiences to aquire a taste for lite dance…

“Ms. Shelton called the criticism hurtful…”

Note to Ms. Shelton: It’s probably not appropriate for the Executive Director of a major dance theater to turn questions about artistic integrity of the institution into a personal battle. This is probably why one of the artists in the article chose to remain anonymous, for fear that the execs at the Joyce will take personal offense and stop programming their work. Kudos to Jasperse for keepin it real.


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