hanginthere2.jpgSo, we’ve been a little busy this week. (What, this old thing?) We know we’ve been slacking.

But never fear. We’ll be back next week with a review of Tere O’Connor’s new show, Rammed Earth, at The Chocolate Factory!

In the mean time, here are some other links to things you should be checking out…

New York Film Festival

fi:af – Force Majeure at Chez Bushwick

Richard Prince at the Gugg

DUMBO Art Under The Bridge Festival


Critics Award of the Day (CAD): Alastair Macaulay (Wha?)

For realz, guys.

Who would have thought that just a few days after his nearly anticipated Barnard appearance, that AM would smack down this hilarious review of “Revolution,” which I’m sure y’all have already read, but we’re gonna go ahead and post on it anyway.

Our favorite part?

Now add four strong-looking, pole-dancer-type young women who, without stripping, are still prepared to behave as if perpetually in heat and thrash their manes of hair around the stage like bullfighters’ cloaks. Encourage them to lick their lips, stroke their bodies and grin like crazy. Never allow this element of female spicing to predominate: they are there merely to persuade everyone that the men are true studs.


TO DO: Me!

In a stroke of shameless self promotion, here’s my show. It’s tonight at Dixon Place @ 8PM. I’ll also post the accompanying essays that will go with the program.

You’re all welcome to come, take notes, call me a genius or tear me to shreds. I’ll totally post anyone’s commentary, as long as it falls within the comments guidelines. If a Counter Critic can dish it, he can surely take it…like a man!


(Photo by Michael Hart; Design by Jacob Maraya)

Concept, music, and performance by RYAN TRACY

@ dixon place
Call 212.219.0736 for tickets

Collective Opera Company Founder, RYAN TRACY’s solo performance work agitates the nexus of music and movement, enlivening their interdependent, dissociative, and counter-influential relationships, and establishes physical improvisation as a means of musical composition. [AKA–I’ll be improvising music and movement with a piano!!!]

Also on the program is SCREEN TEST, a collaboration with choreographer ELKE RINDFLEISCH, exploring music’s power to subjectively color experience. [This shit is hot!] Continue reading

Dance As Dialog: A reader responds

C.C. new BFF and company member of the Mark Morris Dance Group, David Leventhal, emailed me regarding this post, where I wryly commented on a little piece he wrote for The Times about the trials of touring in a big dance company. Below, I post his first email to me. Followed by my email to him. Then I’ll post his second email to me. Then I’ll respond. Then, you’re going to post some wicked cool comments.

David Leventhal:

Thanks for your comments on my dispatch to the Times about life in the air. I’ve been enjoying your blog for a while.

Here’s something interesting: though your blog professes to counter the literati-dominant criticism of the NY arts scene, you sarcastically attack a column written by a modern dancer, a member of a constituency that rarely gets any voice in the NY Times or any big media organization. On top of that, the article is actually trying to subvert the glamorous image most people have about what it’s like to tour by air, an image that’s constantly glorified and disseminated by the dominant corporate (big media) culture that fetishizes travel, speed, and globalization. I guess I could have talked about meeting new people, dining with dignitaries and celebrities, and meeting funders worldwide, but the contrarian vein seemed less predictable and more interesting. Which makes me wonder what it was, exactly, that you would have preferred to see in the column, given your status as a respected counter critic. Continue reading

In Defense of Alastair Macaulay


Come on! Did you really think your trusty Counter Critic would chicken out and join the dark side? Not a chance! (FYI – I’m just gonna jot down these notes as fast as I can, in hopes of coming back in later posts to focus on some specific ideas. I’m sure you can’t wait!)

I will tell you though, in person, Macaulay seemed an amiable, good hearted fellow. You know, the kind of guy you’d want at your barbecue to impress all your friends that you know someone really smart and kind of off-beat. Even Eva Yaa Asantewaa prefaced her question during the Q&A by saying that his character in person comes across way more human than his writing. True dat. But to be serious, Alastair Macaulay did offer a few nuggets of wisdom during the hour-long confab with Wendy Mindy Aloff.

What we learned: Continue reading

Thank Fucking Christ

The New York Times has finally ousted their “Times Select” pay-per-read scheme.  I tried to use that shit a couple times and kept running into loads of technical ineptitude and snarky response from the people who ran the racket.

So read away.

Now, if they could only lose the fucking Mirapex banner ad on every damn page, maybe I could actually read one of these free articles without wanting to punch the screen.

To Do: Alastair Macaulay!!!

You might be inclined to believe the liberal media and attribute all the hoopla going on around Columbia University to the presence of Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but NO! The real furor is about tonight’s appearance of Counter Critic arch-nemesis and sweetheart, ALASTAIR MACAULAY.

FREE and open to the public
Monday, Sept. 24, 7:30PM
Held Lecture Hall
304 Barnard Hall
Barnard College

Thanks to Danciti for tipping us off a while back.