The Trials of Traveling Dancers

airplane.jpgMMDG dancer, David Leventhal, apparently emailed Times stringer Joan Raymond a blithe recount of touring with the company, you know, as if anyone had asked.

I guess us non-touring folk probably glamorize dancers in big companies who get to fly all around the world, meet new people, dine with dignitaries and celebrities, meet funders worldwide, and whose daily occupation helps keep those love handles down to slivers–these put-upon performers will be the first to tell you how much it all sucks.

But the light at the end of the tunnel vision is a little anecdote about a British airport worker who happened to recognize Leventhal and mini-wife/dancer, Lauren Grant. I suppose international recognition for your work does take something away from the otherwise ungratifying drudgery of being a professional dancer.


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  1. […] new BFF and company member of the Mark Morris Dance Group, David Leventhal, emailed me regarding this post, where I wryly commented on a little piece he wrote for The Times about the trials of touring in a […]

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