Long overdue. Really self indulgent.

List of items gone missing as a result of my bag being stolen from a trashy gay bar in the West Village. I know…:

  • The Bag, (cute gray Armani Exchange messanger bag they passed out like candy when the Time Warner Center opened at Columbus Circle)
  • Four buttons: big Mexican flag button (cuz I heart Mexicans); little button with scientific sketch of a homo erectus molar; little “Area Man” button from an Onion sponsored beer fest at Moe’s in Brooklyn; little “Dirty On Purpose” button from an evening at South Paw; little button with a black line drawing of a flower, not sure where I got it
  • My notebook with all my notes, thoughts, and random shit for a performance piece I’ve been working on since last November
  • My little notebook with all my performance review notes, Craigslist hookup numbers and addresses, song lyrics, etc; last entry from the Mark Morris “Mozart Dances” at Lincoln Center
  • A press packet for the “Mozart Dances”
  • A 1978 edition of George Bernard Shaw‘s “How To Become A Musical Critic” I had checked out from the Library (update: I found a copy on Ebay to replace it)
  • Various pens, eye drops, change, lip balm
  • The proverbial iPod

I hope these items have gone to some good use. I also hope the person who took them burns in a fiery grave.


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  1. I’m sorry. It was my fault about the bag. But come on… no amount of personal loss justifies calling the STONEWALL, scene of the STONEWALL RIOTS, origin of GAY LIBERATION, a “trashy gay bar.” It should be on the National Register of Historic Places, if it’s not.

    And ok it’s kind of a trashy gay bar.

    But still, show some respect.

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