Nostalgia Redux

If it ain’t the 60’s, it’s the 80’s.

Here’s Greg Sandow‘s (of Arts Journal blogging micro-fame) Wall Street Journal piece on Pauline Oliveros’ gig at the Lincoln Center Out of Doors nostalgia fuck fest to the 1960s.

I guess nobody’s jonesin to get back to the 70’s or 90’s.

I prefer to look at all this scrap-book nostalgia like A. A. Gill looks at England‘s fascination with its own historical greatness. We must really think today sucks if all we can do is bemoan the past for passing.

To all you today haters, Imma throw down a little advice my old man Mahatma Ghandi busted out a long time ago, and under less privileged circumstances: Be the change you want to see in the world.

Stop bitchin’. Make it happen. Word.


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