Get Over the 60’s

So, Monday morning caught C.C. a little off guard. We’re a bit bitey.

That being said, will the Baby Boomers please get over the 60’s and stop shoveling this retrogressive nostalgia coma down our throats? Seriously. It’s so passive and stale, I don’t know whether to get up and pee on someone or simply succumb to the resignation.

This is a response to Jennifer Dunning‘s (usually a C.C. faithful) review of Lincoln Center Out of Doors’ “60s Snapshots,” featuring the choreography of Gus Solomons Jr., Merian Soto, Yoshiko Chuma and Elaine Summers:

“The 1960s: a time when you could fall out of an affordable apartment into an affordable seat for dependably provocative theater, at least south of 14th Street, drawn by word of mouth alone. A time when you could watch the world shamble by from a perch on a neon-painted rock in the Psychedelicatessen on Avenue A. A time when anything and everything seemed to happen, on the stage and off.

“Those days are gone for good…”

Thank Christ!

I get so mad at hippies because they think the privilege of happening to be a living human being during that period of time is some kind of special achievement, and not just happenstance.

First of all, there’s so much creative work going on in NYC today, that I have panic attacks because there’s no way to see all of it. There’s also still plenty of pot smoking and drug-using going down all over the place, you know, if those are the things we’re supposed to value about the 60’s. The music scene has proliferated into an infinitesimal panoramic variety of every kind of music imaginable, AND places to perform all of them.

I’m just not exactly what my gen is supposed to feel apologetic about. The fact that we were born too late to get cheap rents in Manhattan? Or that the Vietnam generation essentially let the Iraq war happen?



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