Critics Award of the Day (CAD): Gia Kourlas, For being down

Final Diversity Post of the Week!

intheshadows.jpgNot that there’s any reason to cut this thing short, but in deference to the coming weekend frenzy, and to show how a critic can write responsibly and respectfully about race issues in art, here’s Gia Kourlas’ TONY preview of States and Resemblence, an upcoming LMCC Sitelines dance collarboration between Dean Moss and Ryutaro Mishima.

Kourlas, in her CAD premiere, doesn’t write anything spectacularly witty, but her ability to write plainly and thoroughly about a work that is forward about its dealing with race relations was a much needed respite from all the utter nonsense that’s been churning around the work of black artists all week long:

“Though [Dean Moss] had also considered acting, Moss decided to focus on dance, despite the fact that it remains a problem as far as diversity is concerned—there has never been a black principal female dancer in either major New York company, and men haven’t fared much better. “In theater, you could only play yourself, you could only play black culture,” he says. “And that culture wasn’t even defined by blacks—it was defined by whites. I chose dance because it was the most open of the arts. At least I was playing mythology, at least I was doing some abstract something, at least I was doing something broader than myself.””


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