Time(s) To Dance: Outsourcey, Cradle-Robby Edition

While The Times dance staff seems to believe there was nothing going on in the city over the past week, their coverage turns oversees and restrospective.

Macaulay can’t get over pirates (we know) and history in his first Bolshoi-does-London piece

Then he pretty much verbally molests an eighteen-year-old Russ, Ivan Vasiliev, and we quote: “My abiding memory of [Vasiliev] is from his “Corsaire” solo, when he performed a zigzag with the same short but thrilling phrase on each diagonal — claiming the air in a HUNGRY ASSemblé jump, landing with a pounce into a DEEP grand plié (KNEES fully bent APART), and at once EXPLODING into a forward sissonne jump, LEGS SPLIT as he HUNG in the air, and all with an EAGER NAUGHTINESS IN HIS EYE.”

Okay, the caps are ours, but COME ON!!!!! Keep it in your pants, Macaulay!

Then La Rocco, as if to temper dear old Macaulay’s unabashed authority over all things ballet, gives us the numbers, and maybe the world’s smallest violin solo, about genderinequality in ballet institutions


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