The Brighter Side of Genocide

“I’m sort of the product of history; Hitler and Stalin were my travel agents,” he said. “If they weren’t around, I probably would have stayed on the same street where I was born.”

-Newly appointed Poet Laureate Charles Simic, The New York Times



  1. I’ve just finished writing a review of Charles Simic’s 1992 book, DIME STORE ALCHEMY.
    Brilliant literary responses to the strange art works of Joseph Cornell. Also have Simic’s COLLECTED POEMS, which are minimalistic masterpieces. I like Simic as a person too–he’s irascible, has a temper, holds a grudge. Not one of your shy, retiring, shuffle his feet uncomfortable in awkward social situations kind of guy. A man of the world who lives very much in the world.

  2. Sweet. I’ve never read any of his stuff.

    Sounds major.

    Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS for posting our 69th Comment!!!!

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