Damn, girl! Michael Feingold is hard to please!

In the latest Village Voice, he blasts into one of our favorite theater pieces in his skimmy review of three foreign-language plays at the recently over Lincoln Center Festival.

Couple probs.

First, the image caption doesn’t match the image (they have a picture of De Monstruos y Prodigios, but the caption says Gemelos). But we haven’t seen the hard copy.

Second, the fact that Feingold lumps all three plays into one snappy summation exhibits a kind of not-important-enough-to-give-each-one-its-own-review snobbery. Or is it just lazery? (Just so happens that C.C. went to the same two Spanish-language plays he did!) Or is it just, they’re all in a foreign language, so you know, it’s just one big trend?

Third, he goes on some crazy rant about the death of Authenticity, then gives a mixed review of each play; Hokaibo was weighed down by literary references; then De Monstruos y Prodigios was entertaining but low-brow next to Hokaibo; then Gemelos was more grounded in a “dramatic” tradition but was too girdled in by its set conceits.

Too hot? Too cold? Is anything just right for you Mr. Michael Feingold?!!!


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