Hollywood Gets All Political ‘n Shit

wagthedog2.jpgThe New York Times is reporting that a host of movies that don’t exactly depict the war in Iraq in a very peachy light are slated to hit theaters in the coming year or so.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s propoganda, fine. Hopefully the good kind.

What’s really sad is that we’ve had to look to movies in the past six years to find any sign of dissent in the media save fake news shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Does Hollywood really have the depth to influence an entire nation away from the irrational fears and paranoia that keep a large portion of this country determined to smoke out the evildoers? I’m telling you: GO TO THE TNT MESSAGE BOARDS AND CHECK OUT THE MADNESS THAT IS ENSUING ON THE THREAD FOR “SAVING GRACE!”

I’m not trying to plug for the network or the show, but seriously, there you will find those gloriously tragic holdouts: people who still think Iraq was behind 911.


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