Culture War Brewin’ Over New TNT Show

savinggrace_195.jpgIt’s seriously a virtual civil war raging over at the TNT messageboards! If you ever wanna get a glimpse into essential conflict ripping our country into two halves–the average, channel surfing, hifalutin,’ Focus On The Family joinin’, GWB voting, Americans, and the rest of us–check out the forum for the new series, Saving Grace, which we reviewed this morning.

Here’s an enlightening take on the business of acting:

“I am disgusted with those who produced [Saving Grace] and TNT (Turner and Jane Fonda network). When will this actors wake up and realize that Hollywood is nothing more than a pimp and the actors are its prostitutes. These actors are earning money with sex. Hollywood disgusts me. Regular prostitutes are subjected to the law so why isn’t Hollywood held accountable under those same laws?”

Then, there’s this person who accidentally sat down to watch the show with his/her toddlers…

“First of all, when does explicit, pornography, and all that goes with it become enough, especially on basic TV channels. I don’t count it loss, when I speak for many of us Christians who probably sat down with our family members to watch this show!!! I was appauled and very upset and disappointed when the VERY first scene was a sex scene, with NOTHING being cut out from the script!!

Aside from the deplorable grammar and absolute retardedness of sitting down with your kids to watch this show (even I knew it was going to be a big ole fuck fest), how the fuck did this bitch get his/her hands on the script?

There are a few level-headed anti-god/pro-killing babies posters on the forums, just to even things out a little bit.

But seriously, this is a comic goldmine, and a huge window into the conflicted soul of the poor old U. S. of A.


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