Since we recently passed our two month anniversary here at CC (has it only been that long?), we thought we’d take a look back at our most-read posts from yesteryear.

#10 Our surprise review of the Greenwich Music Festival pulled a few sticks out of some bourgie asses

#9 NYU’s rock star degree causes us to rant a little about student loan debt and reality arts competitions

#8 We get into all sorts of trouble with this queer-inspired rant about the gays and the gay image

#7 The seven spot is taken up by our call-out to Alastair Macaulay

#6 Liz Sargent gets reflective at Danspace Project

#5 Natural History edges into the top five with its mythical creatures exhibit (not faring so well, naturally, was its Creationist counterpart)

#4 Watch your step when you read this review of Wally Cardona‘s “site”

#3 At number three, CC harshes Glenn Rumsey’s mellow (Sorry…)

#2 Our penultimate top post is the little post that could. Short and sweet, our take-down of Alastair Macaulay’s review of Doug Varone was the genesis for our Time(s) to Dance series.

#1 And finally…our original review of Doug Varone‘s Dense Terrain takes the top spot!

Thanks to everyone who keeps reading faithfully and fearlessly. You’re clearly a dance-oriented audience, and for that, we graciously bow to you (cue throwing of roses and an A.M. farewell in The Times).


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