Transformers: Less Than I Expected

I’m not going to spend too much time on this, but I just thought I’d scribe a few lines about this enormous hulk of junk since I was (and still am, deep down) a devotee of the toys and the cartoons that, for all you could tell, had little to do with the inspiration behind Michael Bay’s flick, which seems more like his own fantasies about current events and some notion in the idea of sacrifice (which in the movie actually just means killing the bad guy) than it does about any true portrayal of the original concept.

The most heinous alteration is of the character Bumblebee. In one scene, the original Bumblebee, a yellow VW bug sits dusty and lifeless next to the newer flashier Camaro that assumes the same name. I guess VW didn’t have a new car to sell.

But read Anthony Lane’s review in The New Yorker if you want to know what your grandparents always thought about those fussy toys.


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